Clubbed hands and a fist full of snakes.

by Gilla bruja

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Recorded in the ass end of 2013 by three homeless dudes in a truck stop brothel shack.

All tracks by Gilla Bruja. Mastered by Dan Couch.

"The king bastards return to haunt the badlands with tails of love and betrayal powered by bad vibes and unearthly caterwauling"

all lyrics/music subject to sudden and violent change in relation to environment, inebriaton and medication. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


released February 11, 2014

Growls and shrieks/ bells and whistles retarded dancing, proclamations of indecency and general practitioner of the end tyme message : Paul W B East Esq

cable board rattling, meth huffing, spider monkey impersonations and bass tendencies: Abel "Lordavmerci" Inglis

Casket dodging, bin rattling, slow motion apocalypse architecture and home dentistry; Jacob Read



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Track Name: Gilla Bruja - Goat bothering for beginners/The saintless tainted throb
snapping jaws from the haunts of broken things
come ripping down the sagging way
On slack and rotting wings

I see your

Hermaphrodie schooling in the arts of screaming men
Tought bloody in the schooling house
and blinding in the breeding pens

I see your

Brittle broken things
(But I see bones showing through)
Brittle broken hopes
But I see bones showing through

carry my plague
On moth wings to your core
Carry my plague
Use my blood to scratch the law

Taint less
Track Name: Gilla Bruja - One pinch of blackleaf and three across the eyes
there's scars on my spirit
And I fear it floats face down
A Victim like a burning sufrogette
Frigging as they fall down

But there's beauty in this suffering

health was the first casualty
of those screaming nights
so far from and succour
Do far down there is no light

Sypholis and lockjaw lets you know
but infection of the spirit brings you low
Track Name: Gilla Bruja - Another predawn trauma hangovers terrible wrath and the house fire it spawned
Slick black crusted to scar the eye
on and on you set the wheels of truth
to the horizon if nothing the path of the ugly we set our wheels to the engine of truth

Drill vein deep to escape the day
cought up in my own self delusion
just the truth and only the truth
And my own preclusions

this is a rotten place
trod my monster in man skin
This is an rotten place
made flesh housed in man sin

Only god forgives I dont
Only god forgives I won't

come the black days of senility
come the crows of senility

hold out your hands
To take three across the eyes
Track Name: Gilla Bruja - Unwilling to explain (Buzzov'en jam)
go ask...
Track Name: Gilla Bruja - Finger prints of the spirit eating canker wyrm
Pig fucking madness
Like bedlam inmates wakes
Inside my fractured conscience
I drown it in my lakes
self loathing high
Take a shot from the spoils
Addicted to the misery
From which all hell boils

this is the world
All ugly and old
This is the world
No stories not told

hung like a pre teen
From a scaffolding bar
My life floats lifeless
Now done by far
I gave up on it all
moved further in the dark
But now I hear it coming
in the night I hear it bark

The ugly path beckons
Come now bellow
the ugly path beckons
Meet me bellow

down bellow
ware the earth is black
Down bellow ware the earthworms snack
Down bellow
ware I am layed low
Down bellow ware the bad folk go

canker worms of the soul